Barker Microfarads (BMI) is a manufacturer of USA Made high quality, high reliability aluminum electrolytic capacitors. We currently offer a broad range of Axial- and Radial-leaded DC capacitors (in both miniature and tubular designs) as well as a full line of AC Motor Starting and AC Motor Run capacitors. BMI was formed in October of 1990 when a group of former Sprague Electric employees purchased the Sprague Electric miniature aluminum manufacturing facility in Hillsville, Virginia. All of our employees have a strong work ethic and commitment to provide the highest quality products that consistently meet or exceed our customers’ requirements. Our commitment to quality and reliability is demonstrated by our certification and registration to the ISO 9001 quality system.

BMI offers many standard ratings as found on our products page or we can custom design parts to fit your unique application. Our DC capacitor products are typically utilized in applications such as power supplies, filtering, by-pass, coupling-decoupling, timer applications, energy storage, noise suppression, controls and instrumentation, automotive applications, telecommunications, computers, electronic lighting ballasts, and tantalum replacement.

BMI is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of AC Motor Starting capacitors (since 1993) and recently added a new manufacturing line for AC Motor Run capacitors (in 2012). These USA Made AC products are used on fractional horsepower motors, pump control boxes, air conditioning & refrigeration compressors, ice machines, actuators, phase converter equipment, hard-start kits and garage door openers.

For over 25 years, BMI has provided high quality USA MADE capacitors to a variety of markets and industries, both in North America and worldwide. Our goal is to continue this endeavor for many years to come with high quality products and the best in customer service.